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How To Correct Mistakes Made In Jamb Profile During Registration - Easy Guidelines

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How can I correct the mistakes I made on my Jamb Profile? Don't panic, you can correct all errors and omissions on your Jamb profile. Many candidates fear the errors they made could cost them later, it would only if you don't correct them.

It could be while filling your required files and documents on the portal. Since you are required to present details of you online such as date of birth, Name, local government etc.

Students often make the mistake probably due to unstable network, low-end browsers, devices or carelessness. Should they be blamed for the mistakes? The mistakes can't be on them as anyone can do the same mistake, that's why we are human.

How can I correct My Jamb Profile through SMS

Like I said earlier, no one is above errors, but the good news is this, you can correct the mistakes using the SMS method. To correct mistakes on the Name, just send "CORRECT Surname First name Middle name” to as a text message to 55019.
Probably, you want to retrieve your confirmation code after it got lost, send "RESEND" as a message to 55019.

Note: The SMS must be sent from the registered cellphone number

How to make Changes on Jamb Profile on Jamb Portal?

I notice many candidates prefer rushing down to the portal to make inquiries or solve Jamb related problems. Well, there is also a solution for this on the official Jamb portal. There are three ways to correct your mistakes on your profile.
  1. Waiting for the correction to be announced on your Jamb account.
  2. Creating a fresh/new Jamb account.
Normally, Jamb announces the correction of details on Jamb account. Perhaps, you made a mistake when creating your profile, the best way of correcting it is to wait for Jamb to notify you. Jamb will announce date creation and the you make the correct changes. But you'll have to pay to correct those errors.

For candidates with their E-Pin ready, their best shot is the first Solution.

The method above is still available to candidates who haven't purchased an E-pin or commenced registration.

For candidates who just created their Jamb profiles and have not used the profile in any registration. I recommend you just create another account, this is the best way to correct the errors on the account.

Another account can be created in a case of errors and mistakes. You may wonder Jamb said each candidates are not create more than one profile. Relax, Jamb meant you shouldn't register for Jamb or write the examination with more than one profile.

Do not forget to correct any errors on your Jamb profile before getting the Jamb E-Pin. You may decide to wait till the day of clearance to explain your mistakes to the clearance officials.

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